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Biochemistry is about
Exploring Chemical Events in Living Organisms
By learning Biochemistry, you will learn so many things. It is very relevant with current situation of Covid-19 pandemic. You will be taught everything about DNA, Protein, Drug Development, Compound Isolation, Human Body Metabolism, and many more
The fact that you will not only learn about the theory, you will be brought by our lecturers to experiment in real life projects, so it is not just on your head, but also on your skills
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Two Degree Programs
Currently, the Department of Biochemistry has two degree programs, a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree, both are accredited A
CREBS or Community of Research and Education in Biochemistry is a professional association of the Department of Biochemistry for undergraduate students in their second and third years of study. You can explore your leadership skill at the department level through available divisions and activities