Vision and Mission

Vision of Department of Biochemistry

Become a center for organizing academic activities and international standard science and technology innovation in the field of biochemistry to support sustainable agriculture, health, bioenergy, bioindustry, and the environment.

Mission of Department of Biochemistry

  1. Organizing quality education and teaching in producing excellent undergraduate sciences in the field of biochemistry according to the needs of the community and the development of biochemistry so that they can compete at the national and international levels
  2. Conducting research and development activities in the field of biochemistry as an effort to produce science and technology that contributes to society in utilizing and applying biochemical knowledge
  3. Organizing community service activities to increase productivity and added value to the community through the use of biochemistry
  4. Supporting the implementation of educational, research, and community service activities through strengthening cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions

Vision of Master’s Degree Program

Become an excellent and foremost higher education provider in education, research, and community service that is capable of contributing to the development of Biochemical science and technology at the national and international levels to encourage and strengthen national dignity

Mission of Master’s Degree Program

  1. Organizing quality education and teaching in preparing excellent and professionally educated people in developing Biochemical science and technology by scientific developments and the needs of society both at the national and international levels
  2. Conduct research activities to develop and produce science and technology innovations that can contribute to society in utilizing, applying, and developing biochemical science and technology for the advancement of the nation
  3. Carry out dissemination of science and technology innovation results through community service activities as an effort to enlighten, benefit and improve the quality of life in a sustainable manner