Goals and Quality Objectives

  1. Producing graduates who have excellent knowledge and academic abilities in the field of biochemistry, are pious, virtuous, and highly competitive both at the national and international levels
  2. Producing science and technology innovation in the field of biochemistry through the implementation of research activities in an integrated manner as an effort to strengthen and support learning activities
  3. Support the implementation of educational activities, research, and development of biochemistry through strengthening cooperation with institutions, institutions at home and abroad
  4. Develop a network of cooperation with various domestic and foreign institutions to support the implementation of education, research, and community service activities

Quality Objectives

  1. Improving organizational effectiveness and synergy, quality assurance system, HR management system, and remuneration system
  2. Improving the quality of academic services and the capacity of students with an average study period of 48 months and a GPA of > 3, and a strictness ratio of 1:12
  3. Increasing the number of publications by educators in national and international journals, at least 10 for national journals and 5 for international journals every year
  4. Increasing the role of lecturer professionalism in membership of professional associations of more than 35%
  5. Increasing activities to improve the qualifications of teaching staff through inbound and outbound lecturers
  6. Expanding expert collaboration networks with partner universities and research institutions at home and abroad
  7. Increasing network capacity and infrastructure, information technology services, and performance management