The Department of Biochemistry currently has associations, both at the Institutional and Faculty levels with the names respectively the IPB Alumni Association and the FMIPA Alumni Association. Alumni association activities are utilized for improvement in various aspects, including financial donations, facility donations, involvement in activities, networking development, and provision of facilities. Some of these activities include the following:

  1. Alumni reunions/gatherings are held regularly, with independent funding from alumni
  2. Helping Institutes and Faculties to participate in promotional activities for the Undergraduate Program in the Department of Biochemistry to prospective students in the regions
  3. Providing input for Institutions and Faculties related to education management policies by developments in community needs
  4. Being a mentor to students in carrying out field practice at a particular agency
  5. Organizing seminars, workshops, workshops, and joint sports involving all alumni
  6. Fundraising to provide scholarship assistance to underprivileged and outstanding students
  7. Providing information on job vacancies through social communication networks

In addition to academic activities, the alumni association also has a role in supporting non-academic activities which include:

  1. Funding assistance for sports activities organized by Institutions and Faculties
  2. Assistance for sports, health, and artistic equipment facilities to Institutions, as well as assistance to Faculties in the form of financial assistance for library books